About Us

Founded on May 1, 1983, Reciclagem Modelo has a wide structure of 10,000m² of built area in the city of Sao Jose do Rio Preto, standing out as the largest paper recycling company in the Paulista Northwest. It operates in the market with the aim of producing recyclable material with good quality, and also for the satisfaction of our customers and employees but especially for a more sustainable world.

We work with a dedicated and trained staff. Reciclagem Modelo has professional employees and we believe that valuing people is fundamental while preserving the environment. With this belief our employees receive monthly training so that they can improve the quality and performance of our services, always looking for our customers’ satisfaction.

Always looking for the best way to satisfy our partners and suppliers, we have a modern fleet that meets the EURO 5 standards (Air Pollution by motor vehicles Control Program). Our trucks are equipped with Roll On Roll Off system and monitored in real time to make sure the cargo transported is safe.

Automation of our services are due to the use of horizontal presses with high capacity of production of burden material, forklifts for fast and safe loading of cargo and tractors to supply the presses.

Mission, Vision and Values


Produce quality material for our partners, guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and employees, contributing to environmental sustainability.


Be a reference for quality in service offer and products throughout the performance area, fully contributing to environment.


Commitment to our customers and partners.

Respect for the environment which is the reason of our work.

Ethics and transparency in our work.

Valuing our employees.

For a more sustainable world

Contact Us

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Rodovia Delcio Custódio da Silva
S/nº - KM 1,5 - Zona Rural
São José do Rio Preto-SP
(17) 3236-3083

Rua José Ribamar de Souza, 215
Dist. Ind. Jordano Mistrineli
(17) 3522-2643