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Photos, machines and equipments

We have all the necessary equipment for collection, fragmentation, compression and loading of recyclable materials.

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Mission, Vision and Values

The company has a wide structure of 10.000m2 of built area in Sao Jose do Rio Preto in the state of Sao Paulo, standing out as the largest company in the Paulista Northwest for the scraps sector.


Paper, plastic and recycling processes

Paper and plastic materials are classified according to NBR 15.483 from 2.007 (paper scraps and corrugated cardboard) and NBR 13.320 from 2.008 (packaging and recyclable plastic packaging - identification and symbology)

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Rodovia Delcio Custódio da Silva
S/nº - KM 1,5 - Zona Rural
São José do Rio Preto-SP
(17) 3236-3083

Rua José Ribamar de Souza, 215
Dist. Ind. Jordano Mistrineli
(17) 3522-2643