Reciclagem Modelo provides a complete infrastructure to its customers in the recycling area. Using electronic road scales, certified by IMETRO, all materials are weighed with total security and transparency.

We provide our customers 29 to 32m³ containers, and if necessary covers to protect the material.

With industrial crushers, we have a shredding system, which has a fully automated process.

We fragment documents that need destruction and we provide proper disposal of the material.

To better serve our partners, we have created a central scheduling of collections, through which, by an automatic system, it is specified the date and time when the material will be collected so that providing comfort and safety to our customers.

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Rodovia Delcio Custódio da Silva
S/nº - KM 1,5 - Zona Rural
São José do Rio Preto-SP
(17) 3236-3083

Rua José Ribamar de Souza, 215
Dist. Ind. Jordano Mistrineli
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